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Mission Statement

     At Page Publishing Co. (, we believe individuals and companies alike should have, and need a web presence.

      It doesn't matter if it's a personal web page to keep in contact with friends and family; to post a photo album; or a small/home-based business that has information to share, products and services to offer... We Will Help You Reach Your Goal With Style!

Our Philosophy

      Page Publishing Company Specializes in Creating Quality and Affordable Web Site Designs for Small Businesses, Home-Based Businesses and Individuals.

About Our Services

      Page Publishing Co. started its business in January 1980 as a typesetting and graphic design firm. In 1990, we changed form conventional typesetting to desktop publishing. We focused on medical forms, magazines, newsletters and print media packages on the typesetting half of the business. On the graphics side, our company designed logos, corporate packages, sales brochures, and product development. was developed in March 2002 to better serve our customers internet needs. Besides being able to offer our print media customers their proofs on-line, we can also help them develop and maintain their own web pages.

      We enjoy designing good, clean and comprehensive web sites that have"flair". Para-Ni comes from the old school where "white space" is part of the design. Web pages, as with print material tend to "bog" the reader down if it is too congested.


Newsletters Online & Print

We have designed a wide range of newsletters and publications over the years. From four page newsletters to 32 and 64 page monthly publications.

City of Signal Hill Newsletter

Increasing Rabbit Awareness...
Most folks know of my love for bunnies. I hope to educate and inform people how to better take care of these warm, furry little creatures.
A very knowledgeable site is the House Rabbit Society, they are really great people, and can give you guidelines and ideas on how you can get ready to adopt a new bunny.

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